Barista Training

Ranging from the Home to the Industry Barista. 1on1 or Groups, Luke can tailor a Barista Training Package that's right for you. 

Barista Training covers the following;

  • Setting up your Machine and Grinder
  • Barista Basics (Espresso, Milk, Pouring)
  • Latte Art
  • The Coffee Menu
  • Alternative Brew Methods



For the experienced Barista that wants to fine tune their skills or expand on what they already know.

Masterclasses can include;

  • Advanced Latte Art
  • Coffee Fundamentals
  • Advanced Espresso
  • Pressure\Flow Rate Profiling
  • Barista & Latte Art Competition Coaching


Demonstrations/Coffee Appreciations

For small or large groups that aren't working in the industry but are interested to learn and understand more about specialty coffee.

Demonstrations/Coffee Appreciations can include;

  • History of Coffee
  • The Coffee Process
  • Cupping
  • Alternative Brew Methods
  • Latte Art